A perfect place


Bei meinen vielen Naturausflügen in den letzten Wochen und Monaten freute ich mich über jede Bank am Wegesrand! Aus dieser Inspiration heraus entstand dieses englische Gedicht:

A perfect place

I walk along – amidst the trees
Inhaling the fragrance of the forest.
Searching the sun through the trunks and branches,
A joyful play of hide-and-seek.
Ah – a bench is inviting me to pause.
I accept the invitation and meditate for a while – together with nature.

Look! An opening at the end of the path!
It is still some way – I speed up to reach the place where the forest clears.
It’s noon and I feel hungry.
Blessed! A bench in a sunny spot is welcoming me!
A perfect place to rest!

I continue and walk up the hill
What a view!
I stop and appreciate nature’s beauty.
It is simply breathtaking!
I look around to find a peaceful spot.
There – not far – I see an old wooden bench.
I sit down – mesmerized and in awe by this unimaginable vastness.

Nearing the end of my walk
I reach a beautiful and tranquil little lake.
Sitting down at the waterside, I carefully listen to the stillness around me.
I close my eyes.
A feeling of gentle gratitude beckons my heart.
And a deep inner joy for today’s blessingful gift.

Durfte ich ein paar Erinnerungen in Dir wecken? Genieße nun die kleine Fotogalerie mit den wunderschönen Sitzbänken!

Viele Grüße,
Deine Tirtha


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